Assess where you are, hone in on your goals and face change with confidence


Are you starting a new business, considering retirement or looking for a new direction and sense of purpose?

My coaching will help you to hone in on your goals and face that change with confidence whichever direction you take.


Are you a sportsperson looking to up your mental game? Or a parent wanting to better support your child?

Specialising in the Psychology of motivation and resilience, I will give you the tools to manage the ups and downs – of sport or of parenthood.


When was the last time you injected some Psychology into your HR practices?

Drawing on the latest Psychology research I will give you fresh ideas to increase employee well-being, motivation and business performance.

The impact for my clients

You may have a clear objective – starting a new business, helping your child manage their anxiety or dealing with pressure on the golf course – but you have no idea how to go about it.   I will help you get real clarity about what you need to do, so that you feel better equipped and more focused and confident as a result.

You may feel unfulfilled and stuck in a rut – at work, at home or in your sport – and have lost your motivation and direction.  I will help you feel more positive and driven, with real awareness as to what is “blocking” you, and a new sense of energy and purpose.

As a corporate or organisation, you may know that people are core to your business but feel that your approach is outdated or stale.  I will help you refresh your thinking and draw on the most current thinking in Psychology to ensure that you are up to date, supporting your people and getting the best out of your business. 


Starting a new business


Re-defining yourself after children

Returning to work after parental leave


Changing career

Re-orienting yourself after a relationship

Sports Psychology

Upping your mental game

Dealing with pressure

Maintaining focus

Raising your motivation

Returning from injury

Staying “present” while competing

Preparing for retirement

Psychology for parents

Communicating effectively with your child

Supporting your child through difficulties

Understanding family dynamics

Supporting your child with their self-image

Managing a competitive child

Understanding your child’s mindset

Raising your child’s motivation


Understanding motivation in your business

Managing return from parental leave

Refreshing talent / succession programmes

Adjusting to new ways of working post COVID-19

Safeguarding employee well-being

Providing Psychology skills training

Executive or group coaching

About Me

I’m Lisa, and I support people who are experiencing (or wanting) change, so that they can face that change with purpose, excitement and confidence. 

I also support ambitious sportspeople in upping their mental game so that they can boost their performance and maintain their drive.

I give parents the tools to more effectively communicate with their children, understand family and friend dynamics and support their mental well-being.


“Lisa gives me the space to explore the topic at hand and her skillful questioning enables me to find a new perspective and get clarity.  Every session is time well spent”

“I feel now more than before that I am the only thing holding me back.  Lisa has helped me unscramble my thoughts and help me to disregard negative untruths about myself.”

“After every session I feel I have come away with something positive and useful and I like the fact that we set small goals to achieve before the next one.”​

As a qualified coach with a Masters in Psychology I will give you the tools and confidence to make the changes you want – at work, at home or in your sports performance.

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Whether you want to book a session or are still mulling things over, please do get in touch so that we can explore how we might work together.
I look forward to hearing from you – by phone or email, whatever you are most comfortable with.



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