Stepping up your mental game


Upping your performance

Recovering from injury and increasing motivation

Coaches or Parents of young sportspeople

Creating a competitive edge

Are you wondering how to up your performance, deal with injury or support a young sportsperson?

Whether you are looking to step up your mental performance, increase your motivation, or recover from injury, I will help you feel more focused, motivated and confident in your game.  If you are supporting a young sportsperson I will help you in managing them through the ups and downs of sport.

Upping your performance

With a Masters in Psychology, specialising in Motivation and Perseverance, and as a keen sportsperson myself, I will support you in dealing with the ups and downs of sports and physical training.

Through our sessions you will gain insight into your mindset and how it impacts on your performance. I will also help you to assess your motivation, and to become more self-aware which will enable you to address any “blockers” and help you feel more resilient and confident in the face of set-backs. I can also help you to deal with specific issues such as dealing with pressure, choking, low self-confidence and maintaining focus and concentration.

Dealing with injury

As your body heals, I will help you to look after your mental health as you return from injury.  Working together, I will help you to assess your motivation across three areas, and identify practical actions that you can take to help maintain your drive. 

I will also support you in managing your emotional regulation so that you feel more resilient, as well as addressing factors such as your confidence and sense of belonging as you come back to fitness.

We will also look forward to the future, to understand how you can use your experience of injury to make you mentally stronger.

Coaches or Parents of young sportspeople

Through my “Psychology Skills for Parents” sessions, I have given parents the tools and confidence to be able to support their child in competitive sporting environments.  This has enabled them to support their children’s emotional self-regulation, motivation and perseverance, as well as restoring enjoyment.

As a consultant to the British Army, I am also experienced in assessing training environments for team cohesion, coaching behaviours, athlete mindset, confidence and well-being.  Working with sports organisations, therefore, I am able to help coaches assess their own practices and give practical recommendations for improvements based not only on my own experience but also drawing on the most up to date research from the field of sports psychology.


Drawing on up-to-date sports psychology research, I help sports clubs address team cohesion, building coach development programmes, providing psychology training for players or parents, or assessing motivational climate.  This ensures that clubs are creating “psychologically-informed” environments to support players’ well-being and boost their performance.

Based on my Psychology research during COVID-19, I am also able to help clubs profile players and anticipate how best to support them during periods of enforced rest, for instance during future lockdowns or injury.

How do I know if Sports Psychology is right for me?

I want to improve my mental game

Whether you want to address a specific issue such as dealing with pressure or maintaining focus and concentration, I can help you identify key actions you can take in practice and in competitive situations to help you up your mental performance.

I’m holding myself back

I can help you overcome low self-confidence, perfectionism, procrastination, false beliefs, or anything else that is holding you back, so that you feel more positive and assured in achieving your goals.

I want to improve my motivation

With a Masters in Psychology specialising in Motivation and Perseverance, I can help you to assess your motivation across three areas and identify what actions you can take to increase your drive and re-invigorate your approach to practice and performance.

I want to support my child in their sport

I will help you identify how best to support your child in managing their emotions and motivation as they practise and compete.  This may include practical or psychological techniques that you can apply to help them dealing with pressure, maintaining their drive and coping with set backs.

I am recovering from injury

As your body heals, I will help you look after your mental health as you recover from injury.  I will support you in managing your emotions, setting realistic goals, retaining focus and motivation so that you can use your experience to become an even better athlete.

My Approach

With a Psychology Masters specialising in Motivation and Perseverance, I am passionate about helping sportspeople to commit as much energy to their mental preparation as to their technical and tactical training.

I do this by helping you to assess your strengths and needs and to identify specific “blockers” that might be holding you back.  Some sessions are practical, focusing on specific techniques to try in practice, or in competitive situations to manage issues such as focus, concentration and dealing with pressure.  Other sessions may be more reflective, considering your wider goals and how other parts of your life may impact on your drive and performance.

Most importantly, I strike a balance between challenge and support, focus and good humour so that working together is not only effective and focused, but also enjoyable and motivating.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

This is an initial chat to explore where you are currently, what your long, medium and short term goals are and what you feel might be holding you back. 

I am also happy to speak to any of your technical or tactical coaches to ensure that we are all working together to support you. 

Start your sessions

Based on our initial conversation, we will develop a plan to help you achieve your goals. 

As a specialist in the Psychology of Motivation and Perseverance and a qualified coach, sessions will combine both practical and psychological techniques.  This might include areas such as self-talk, visualisation, relaxation techniques as well as staying focused and increasing motivation in practice.

Notice the difference

Always keeping your short, medium and long term goals in mind, we will track your performance and address any areas where you feel you need additional support. 

As a result, you will notice yourself becoming more self-aware and feeling more motivated, focused and in control.


“Lisa gives me the space to explore the topic at hand and her skilful questioning enables me to find a new perspective and get clarity.  Every session is time well spent”

“I feel now more than before that I am the only thing holding me back.  Lisa has helped me unscramble my thoughts and help me to disregard negative untruths about myself.”

“After every session I feel I have come away with something positive and useful and I like the fact that we set small goals to achieve before the next one.”

Get In Touch!

Whether you want to book a session or are still mulling things over, please do get in touch so that we can explore how we might work together.
I look forward to hearing from you – by phone or email, whatever you are most comfortable with.



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